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AmoK DVD Shrinker
-- Freeware (100% free for private and commercial use) --
AmoK DVD Shrinker 1.1 | 28.10.2006 | Author: Dirk Paehl | OS: Windows  
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Please select a suitable download of AmoK DVD Shrinker at the bottom of this page. Files might be compressed/zipped. For unzipping you need a program such as SimplyZip by our member Dirk Paehl. Windows XP and Vista are also able to unzip files without extra software.


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Windows Downloads

  Full version (Freeware)  
     AmoK DVD Shrinker 1.1 (Mit Setup)
  MD5-Hash: 431684f00307e73b0d120ba4b7d7ef52
     AmoK DVD Shrinker 1.1 (Ohne Setup)
  MD5-Hash: 5d575d440128c3a3548596365799555b

 Further downloads
    AmoK DVD Shrinker 1.50 (14.02.2010)
    AmoK DVD Shrinker 1.40 (30.11.2009)
    AmoK DVD Shrinker 1.3 (09.10.2007)
    AmoK DVD Shrinker 1.01 (15.10.2006)
    AmoK DVD Shrinker 1.0 (01.10.2006)