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Join Us!

AmoK is not a company! All what can be found on this website is made in our spare time. We maintain AmoK for fun mostly. Any profit we make are invested in the website and development tools for our programs. If you choose to join AmoK, you will not receive any payments. You will however work with motivated members in a team and get to know nice people. And if you rather work all by yourself, you can at least take advantage of the existing structure. You can, for example, totally concentrate on programming as an engineer. 'Pesky jobs' like making icons or creating an installer for your program can be done for you then.

Last, but not least, your work will be spread more widely through AmoK, than would probably be possible on your own. Your work will be introduced to many visitors of our website, who initially came here to see software not made by you, but they might notice it nevertheless.

If you comply with any of the following properties and have enough spare time, please send an email to E-Mail AmoK to apply. Write a couple of sentences about yourself (rather too much than too little) and don't hestitate to attach some of your previous work or a link to any references.

  • Programmer M/F
    You master C/++, Java, Delphi, Common Lisp, Assembler or any other language and you already have experience in writing small or bigger applications? Excellent! Join us!
  • Script programmer / Webdesigner M/F
    You have excellent knowledge of HTML and PHP, Perl and/or Phyton? The words Javascript, MySQL, SSI and SSL ring a bell? Do you feel like programming serverside (at first) scripts or modify existing ones? Quick! Join us!
  • Graphics artist / designer M/F
    Do you have that little extra when it comes to graphics and design? Do you like making logo's, banners, pixelperfect icons, ASCII-art or do you have skills in the art of photography? You also have basic knowlegde of HTML? What are you waiting for!? Join us!
  • Language expert M/F
    Do you master German, English, French, Spanish or any other language? Are you horrified by the amount of typo's on our website? Do you feel like translating our website in your language? Or correct the current texts on the site and maintain them in the future? Maybe you'd like to write our newsletter or the documentation of our programs? Any other ideas? We are open for suggestions! Join us!
  • Software tester M/F
    Are you a perfectionist and do you like to discover the errors made by others? Do you always want to have the latest software first? Look no further! Join us!
  • None of the above ?
    You can't do anything mentioned above, but still would like to help? Send us an email (E-Mail AmoK) and let us know what you like to do. You can also support us by putting a banner of us on your website.